As Much Shelist underwent a fundamental shift in its business model, our challenge was to help the Chicago-based midsize law firm make its own unique imprint on the legal marketplace and differentiate it from competitors both in Chicago and nationally.

Based on comprehensive qualitative research, we helped Much Shelist become the first law firm in the country to take an assertive public position on the strengths of midsize firms, even as the viability of midsize firms was in question due to law firm merger trends. We created an award-winning print advertising campaign titled “Cut Loose” that helped both client prospects and potential recruits understand the benefits of the Much Shelist midsize model, with an emphasis on the firm’s strong commitment to independence and its client-service culture.

In addition to advertising, we secured numerous prominent media stories in outlets such as The National Law Journal, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Lawyer, helping the firm become a recognized leader in the reestablishment of the midsize firm as an attractive alternative to the megafirm for both clients and lateral recruits.

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