Barbara and Donald Jonas’ sale of 15 pieces of Abstract Expressionist artwork allowed them to become a champion for nurses – a group critical to our health, lives and future, but that had no “voice” and few advocates in the business, philanthropy and policy communities. In 2006, gabbegroup PR, now part of Finn Partners, launched what is today The Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare, the nation’s leading philanthropic entity dedicated to advancing the nursing profession, primarily through its unique program to develop a national network of doctorally prepared nurses and its attention to veterans’ healthcare needs.

Over the course of nearly ten years we have concentrated on telling the story of nursing’s needs – and the Jonas Center’s visionary solutions – through a range of media and events. Media coverage has included bylines in POLITICO and The Los Angeles Times, and articles/profiles in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times (multiple features), Bloomberg Markets, Financial Times, Barron’s, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, many national nursing trade publications. We are now planning all elements – media and events – linked to the Jonas Center’s 10th anniversary.


  • 70+ media placements with audience reach of 100+ million
  • The New York Time’s Bill Cunningham coverage of 5th Anniversary event
  • A chapter on the Jonases in The Thin Green Line, the most recent book by New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan
  • Key roles in high-profile conferences about veterans

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