We began with a positioning/communications study to guide ongoing PR efforts while “seeding” media using the Institute’s ongoing “Millennial Segmentation Study,” a survey of 2,000 Millennials on topics related to consumer behaviors and values – data that will ultimately inform marketing and advertising targeting this demographic. Placements included Forbes.com, Huffington Post and USA Today, among others, and direct Twitter engagement (e.g., posts, retweets, conversations) with top reporters at The New York Times, Bloomberg and The Guardian.

Using student capstone projects we rolled out early examples of how “integrated innovation” works.  We named and launched the Institute’s “Innovate Against Rape” campaign, which applied the Institute’s distinctive approach to accelerate marketable solutions to combat acquaintance/date rape, particularly in campus situations.  In addition to securing traditional media, we helped develop a social media campaign to spur discussion on innovative ways to prevent sexual violence, developing the hashtag #InnovateAgainstRape and taking to the streets of New York City for a photo campaign. To date our efforts have led to placements in outlets such asFinancial Times, HUFFPOST LIVE, Fusion, Wired, ABC News Online, and ThinkProgess.

Another early campaign centered on the annual winter plight of homeless people facing overcrowded shelters and long nights on the street. Students participating in the university’s “Impact-a-thon” had under a week to create easy-to-use, portable, heated temporary shelter. Institute teams created the winning designs; we secured coverage in highly influential outlets, including Fast Company, GOOD, TakePart, Mic, Huffington Post Impact, Yahoo! News and “A+,” a social-driven technology platform founded by actor Ashton Kutcher.

In addition to ongoing media engagement, Finn Partners is also helping the Institute prepare for the opening of its Brooklyn campus in 2016.

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