Finn Partners conducted a series of meetings with tourism representatives of every county, visiting all 11 regions, and discussed each county’s tourism attractions, new developments, marketing activities and needs from Empire State Development and the PR firm. We learned that the state had 986 golf courses, 58 ski areas - more than any other state, 70,000 miles of waterways, the largest state park south of Alaska, 2000 museums and 500 historic sites. These personal relationships and information about their PR goals formed a foundation for productive interaction that has proved invaluable to promoting the state. Each year the agency meets with Empire State Development to coordinate the annual marketing program. Based on this foundation, Finn Partners develops a Plan of Action incorporating all PR, social media and advertising endeavors by Empire State Development in order to optimize every activity.

For our first three year contract, Finn Partner's activities included but were not limited to assertive media relations, group and individual press trips, promotion of Governor Cuomo's first two Tourism summits, coordinating quarterly media marketplace events for press to meet tourism representatives from each region and implementing an ongoing influencer program with the Tourism Advisory Council, regional and county tourism partners, Parks, Canal Corporation, Governor's Press Office and other stakeholders. The Agency's digital program included blogger relations and press visits, twitter chats, social media calendar monitoring, evaluation of online coverage and creative activation concepts.


  • In 2013, New York had 218,800,000 visitors, a 4.2% increase over 2012, generating $61 billion in direct revenue. Projections for 2014 show 227 million visitors and direct tourism spending exceeding $63 billion.
  • In 2013, the Agency partnered with Governor Cuomo’s office to promote his first tourism summit and an aggressive series of sports, cultural and history events throughout the year that yielded heightened coverage including 1,889 print and online placements, 252 television segments, resulting in 1,354,314,482 circulation, 17,892,420 viewership, and an advertising value of $29,728,352 and $615,801.24 broadcast ad value. ROI was 60.6:1
  • 2014: 1,177 media placements with more than 1,127,336,388 impressions yielding an advertising value of $17,311,490 and 28.8:1 ROI
  • Finn Partners was selected by New York State for another 4 years of PR service in January 2015.

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