Our mission was simple - keep Hotels.com at the forefront of travel trends and conversations. Because the brand exists almost entirely online, it's also essential that we get social media interactions right. Tweet the wrong info, and your followers will rebel. Even the smallest social misstep can turn a brand into a laughingstock. For†Hotels.com, a recognized expert and the leading provider of lodging worldwide, a sound social media strategy was critical. After working with the client for years on their public relations initiatives, we took the reins on their Twitter strategy, handling community management and customer service, as well as creative campaigns.

Our content strategy was designed to engage the existing Twitter audience and attract new followers, while also streamlining customer service in a way that doesn't overshadow the steady drumbeat of brand content.

We've found that the key to our success has been about finding the right balance between audience engagement and follower acquisition through organic content creation. We develop content that we know resonates with our existing audience, because we create it based on actual audience insights and anecdotal feedback. Sentiment also plays a critical role in striking the right content balance. We have a rapid-response protocol in place to mitigate any customer concerns or questions, while proactively pushing out content that rewards followers, like our #dealoftheday tweets.

Our approach to content development and community management has inspired programs like:

  • Monthly themed Twitter Chats, many of which have organically trended and generated over 40 million hashtag impressions
  • Our #TechieTravel program with Logitech (client), which generated 623 retweets and 714k+ impressions in its first iteration
  • "Surprise and delight" giveaways and sweepstakes

Overall, our channel engagement continues to soar, yielding over 15,500 replies, 13,800 mentions and just over 14,900 favorites since our start with the client. Itís a #winwin for all.

Offline, we stay above the fold by identifying topical news stories and pop culture moments that the brand can take ownership of through creative use of data and insights. Whether itís using hotel search data to illustrate a trend, or tapping into average hotel prices, Finn Partners has inserted Hotels.com into timely stories about everything from marijuana tourism to sports travel, resulting in nearly 1.7 billion unique media impressions.

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