“Finn Futures”  releases periodic research studies on a wide range of topics that impact not only American society but specific business audiences and industry verticals globally.

Since its launch, “Finn Futures”  has unveiled new research data around workplace issues, healthcare, education, and technology.  “Research that delves into key aspects of citizen attitudes –research that provides a useful basis for better understanding where the public weighs in on key issues—will be how Finn Futures differentiates itself and its focus,”  said Peter Finn, CEO of Finn Partners.

The Finn Partners research team, led by Director of Research Christopher Lawrence, continues to conduct an ongoing series of surveys and original research that examines areas in which “Finn Futures” has particular expertise such as education, health, consumer, technology, energy, trade, social responsibility, the arts and travel and economic development. 


A) National Study Underscores Consumers' Need for Control When Considering "Smart" Technology

B) American Split on Political Impact of Social Media

C) Finn Futures IT Halloween Infographic


D) Finn Futures Workplace Infographic


E) Finn Futures Health Infographic



F) Finn Futures Athletics Infographic






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