DoubleVerify is the pioneer and leader in online media verification.  Only a year old at the time, DoubleVerify engaged HORN to manage its entire digital communications program and help navigate through the hyper competitive online advertising tech space.

Building the brand's reputation, however, meant overcoming three specific obstacles. With online media verification still in its infancy, DoubleVerify needed to define the concept – to media and prospective clients alike – while simultaneously establishing itself as the market leader. Potential clients were hesitant about online media verification due to a perception that it lacked value and was just an extra cost. The DoubleVerify website was in need of a complete redesign – one that would clearly communicate the company’s story and inspire trust in its products.

HORN created a comprehensive and integrated digital communications campaign that:

  • Captured the DoubleVerify Story. Messaging clearly identified the benefits of DoubleVerify’s solutions, while a focus on “accountability,” “transparency” and “compliance” helped position the firm as a trustworthy industry authority.
  • Established a Corporate Identity. Updated messaging was accompanied by a new corporate logo and online/offline ads aimed at gaining brand recognition and customers’ trust.
  • Delivered a Compelling User Experience.Messaging and creative came together in a completely new website that presented key points in a professional and easy-to-understand way, including a 2-minute motion graphics video featured on the homepage.
  • Built Relationships with Key Influencers and Journalists. Bylines from key DoubleVerify executives in major publications increased reach, while news of strategic partnerships with industry analysts helped further validate the company’s story.
  • Emphasized Innovative Thinking. The team created and published the DoubleVerify Trust Index, a quarterly ranking of the most compliant ad networks/platforms. The first report of its kind, the Index cemented the company’s place at the forefront of industry thought-leadership.

With HORN's support, DoubleVerify expanded its client portfolio to include 200 of the Fortune 500 – in just one year! 


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