In Fall 2014, Finn Partners worked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to conduct research to inform the creation of its Anchor It! campaign. This public education campaign, which launched in June 2015, is aimed at preventing tip-over injuries and deaths of young children from unsecured furniture and falling televisions. At the outset of the campaign, Finn Partners conducted in-depth interviews with parents who had lost children due to tip-over incidents, experts at child advocacy groups and industry product safety officials companies, such as Sears. Ultimately, Finn Partners sought to not only develop the brand identity of the campaign, but to understand which tactics would be most effective for explaining this household danger to the public and which tactics were less likely to be effective.

Informed by the research results, Finn Partners settled on a three-step education process: educating parents about the threat of tip-overs (since many had never ever considered the possibility of tip-over disasters or did not even know what they were), addressing parents' initial objections (e.g. "I watch my kids so this incident won’t happen to me" or "Anchoring furniture sounds complicated and expensive), and then providing consumers with the simple, inexpensive solution: securing your furniture and TVs can be easy and inexpensive.

In our interviews, we extensively discussed messaging with those who had already been communicating with the public. This allowed our team to sort through which statistics drove the point home and inspired action versus which statistics were either unconvincing or so upsetting to parents that they did not want to listen anymore. We also learned from the research the profound importance of visuals for this type of campaign. Not only did visuals serve to illustrate the threat (with parents able to see just how quickly furniture can fall on even a supervised child) but they were also critical to illustrating the solution (showing just how easy the anchoring process is.)

The branded campaign Finn Partners created based on these research results has been widely featured in prominent media outlets, including Good Morning America, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Washington Post, the New York Times, CBS News and the Chicago Sun-Times. In addition, the video footage Finn Partners helped CPSC create that showcases the dangers of tip-overs in the home, along with how TVs and furniture can easily be secured to the wall, has garnered nearly 2 million YouTube views. A video with this many views is a CPSC record.

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