The challenge in hand, HORN's Interactive team got to work, tackling both content and visuals to deliver an unparalleled online experience.

The team faced 3 primary challenges, wow the end user, resonate across multiple platforms, tell a compelling story.

  • ClickFox didn’t just want a new website; it wanted an online experience that’d thoroughly convince users of its position as a cutting-edge industry leader.
  • The new website needed to be equally engaging on both desktops and tablets, and optimized for mobile users as well – indicative of ClickFox’s ability to deliver connected customer experiences on any device.
  • ClickFox’s messaging was in need of an overhaul; existing copy was wordy and dense, which prevented users from diving deeper into the brand.

Before launching into the redesign, the team worked to first capture the ClickFox brand in a single theme. The result? Chaos to Value, the idea that ClickFox transforms complex and confusing data into meaningful, actionable insights.

Building on the Chaos to Value theme, the team designed the homepage to mimic the touch screen experience – horizontally swipeable just like a tablet! – with imagery becoming less complex and more defined as users moved through content.

Most notably, the team created a 3D motion graphics video that conveyed ClickFox’s value proposition and services in an easy-to-understand way. Updated messaging also turned previously verbose, corporate copy into concise, user-friendly content. Interactive icons, when clicked, revealed key information directly on the homepage, keeping users engaged and eliminating the need for further navigation.

The new site translated seamlessly across both desktop and tablet devices, allowing for maximum engagement and usability. Similarly, mobile optimization ensured users anywhere could easily access content. The team implemented a new Content Management System (CMS), along with SEO and usability best practices, to allow for continued scalability and growth.

The new ClickFox site launched in September 2011 and marked a true breakthrough in design and development. Partnering with a truly innovative client, HORN was able to dream big, delivering a site that resonated across multiple platforms – most notably through an enhanced homepage that leveraged the touch screen experience in a way rarely seen before.

Just as important, the new site solidly positioned ClickFox as a cutting edge, industry-leading firm. Wowing users and successfully communicating the company’s story, the new site showcased the best of ClickFox and opened the door to new levels of engagement and interactivity.


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