Before partnering with HORN, Axcient lacked corporate messaging, a media platform or a clear vision of where it wanted to go with its communications program. One of the main issues HORN identified was that the crowded cloud marketplace made the space virtually impossible to stand out in comparison to the big cloud giants.

HORN saw an opportunity to increase media coverage and enhance the company’s main messages through elevating Axcient’s CEO – a serial entrepreneur who had his hands in all of Silicon Valley’s top leadership activities. By focusing less on company news and announcements, and more on executive leadership, management, and company best practices, HORN paved the way for Axcient to become a discussion leader in the cloud and data backup spaces. The HORN team also insisted that Axcient not only began increasing coverage but more importantly, secure consistent placement with the right message in top-tier publications for both the CEO and the company.

  • Create a thought leadership platform around the company’s CEO – a young yet wise entrepreneur
  • Focus on Axcient’s culture and values rather than just the product
  • Build awareness through aggressive media relations bolstered by a strong message of “killing backup”

As a result of media outreach, Axcient’s CEO is now an established expert in the cloud computing space and is recognized as a respected thought leader within the Silicon Valley community. Furthermore, through elevating the CEO, the company is now in an ideal position to take on larger competitors from a company and product oriented position. HORN’s strategy to focus the initial media push to create buzz around the company’s CEO was extremely successful and laid the groundwork for strong ongoing company coverage.


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