To support the launch of the release of the new Avast 2015 suite, Finn Partners organized a European media tour for the CEO and the COO of Avast, who visited Germany, France and the UK in just three days.

Finn Partners organized a round table in each market with journalists to discuss a pan-European study conducted by Avast on the safety of Wi-Fi hotspots.

The various events conducted in London, Munich and Paris were a great success:

  • More than 40 journalists were briefed on both the study and the new Avast 2015 suite
  • More than 150 articles were generated

Following the success of the launch, Avast extended its relationship with Finn Partners France to a retained programme beginning with the team providing support at Mobile World Congress 2015.Since then, Finn Partners France has managed a proactive media relations campaign incorporating both product and thought leadership activity.

The results speak for themselves. Since February 2015 the team has generated over 500 pieces of coverage - an average of more than 40 articles per month and set up interviews with publications including Femme Actuelle, , the News Techno, Le Parisien, La Tribune, and AFP.

Mobile World Congress 2016 gave the team another excuse to increase coverage of Avast - more than one hundred articles were generated, and Avast was featured on the morning programme of news channel BFM Business, broadcast on radio Europe 1.

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