They also understood that they had reputational challenges. The Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) commissioned Finn Partners to research their target audiences, plus the perceptions and reputation of chiropractic health care and use the results to propose new outreach activities.


  • Finn Partners created a comprehensive research project with two phases.
  • Phase I included:
    • ○ In-Depth interviews with admissions officers: 10 one-on-one, in-depth interviews were conducted with admissions officers associated with chiropractic colleges throughout the country
    • ○ Online survey among internal audiences: 968 current students; 595 graduates from the past two years; 794 prospective students including all applicants and a selection of inquirers
    • ○ National telephone survey among 600 adults (18 years or older)
    • ○ National online survey of 400 undergraduates who indicate they are majoring in health, science, life science or a related field
  • Phase II was an audit of how the 19 member colleges were already marketing themselves
  • Phase III began with recommendations for an outreach campaign informed by the research. Finn Partners created a new website branded with to educate prospects about chiropractic, chiropractic careers and make it easy for them to obtain information from the member colleges. A robust digital campaign drives traffic to the website where successful alumni and student stories are featured.


  • The campaign which includes digital advertising is ongoing and has already shown success with more than a dozen students matriculating in the first months of the campaign. The ROI has far exceeded the cost of the research and campaign.






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