With the knowledge that a recommendation from a doctor is the single most powerful factor in a patient's decision to obtain a cancer screening, AMSURG called upon us to create a campaign around colon cancer that would reach and resonate with two key audiences: (1) Referring physicians since primary care doctors are the No. 1 influencers for patients due for a colonoscopy and (2) Patients at risk for colon cancer.  Based on research and insights from AMSURG, we strove to identify a message that added a little levity to the topic without detracting from its importance. The campaign theme -- "Love your colon. Get a colonoscopy" -- provided a clear, simple message to patients who were delaying screening. The Agency created a series of creative and compelling posters with engaging graphics that were included both as part of a "referring physician kit," where it was displayed in physicians' offices across the country, as well as part of the promotion of National Screening Day, a day dedicated to screening 1,000 first-time patients for colon cancer.


  • As part of National Screening Day messaging, the poster helped AMSURG surpass its goal of scheduling more than 1,000 first-time patients on screening day.
  • During its usage in referring physician offices throughout the remainder of the year, nearly 1,900 posters were distributed and continued to generate new patient leads. Many of these referring physicians continue to utilize the Heart Ur Colon messaging.

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