Most people donít think about air conditioning or running hot water, except if they have to go without it. That lack of awareness was also true for the industry that manufactures those products Ė the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). They needed to raise AHRIís profile among Washington decision-makers, so they could both have a seat at the table when Congress or regulators were deciding their fate, and they could highlight their proactive work to reduce greenhouse gases used in air conditioning refrigerants.

Finn Partners Public Affairs secured two dozen one-on-one meetings to introduce AHRIís CEO to inside-the-beltway energy reporters for every major publication covering Washington, including POLITICO, the New York Times, National Journal, Roll Call and The Hill. To identify the best messages and channels for the campaign, we developed in-depth research targeting Washington decision-makers, including focus groups and in-depth interviews. We developed eye-catching advertisements for Hill publications, developed messaging themes that resonated with our Washington audience, and expanded the associationís social media outreach inside the Beltway.

The association is utilizing this higher profile with AHRI witnesses at Capitol Hill hearings in their committees of jurisdiction, as well as through meetings with the Department of Energy regulators working on more than a dozen regulations affecting the industry.

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