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How to reach your audience in summertime

septembre 10, 2019

Although there is an often-exaggerated perception that a lot of European countries shut down completely, the month of August is inescapably quieter than most. Schools are closed and people tend to take at least a few days off. As a result, most people’s daily lives are, if only fleetingly, a little less hectic and stressful. On the roads, on public transport, in shops – it’s all a little calmer.

This of course has implications from a communications perspective. You’d find it hard to make a strong business case for choosing to make any sort of major announcement during that time, but you’d be equally ill-advised to neglect comms just because it’s summertime.

One of the main reasons is the high likelihood that you’ll reach your audience anyway. Although your target personas might physically be away from work, and they might not be checking email daily or making business decisions, the chances that they’ll turn off completely are very remote. Driving brand-focused coverage with earned and owned media, particularly on social platforms, is an important way to sustain awareness, and provides a base to launch more strategic follow-up campaigns later in the year.

Although the summer period has traditionally led to a lot of ‘silly season’ type coverage that some brands wouldn’t want to be accused of stooping to, news outlets do still need to find stories. A good story should always be a good story, but if your competitors are deprioritising outreach efforts just because its summer, it can only improve your chances of success. 

Most of all, regardless of whether any view, share or engagement numbers might take a dip, taking your foot off the gas will reduce precious momentum, and will only make getting back up to speed once the days cool off all the more difficult.

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