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AI is making its mark on all industries, but what does it mean for marketing and PR?

mars 18, 2020

Yet despite the benefits, the rise of AI in the workplace has not been universally popular, largely due to its association with robots, the fear of people being replaced and jobs forever lost to the AI revolution. Indeed, it’s already been estimated that 120 million workers globally will need to retrain or reskill as early as in the next three years because of AI and automation.

Despite the reservations felt by many, AI’s influence is already being seen in marketing and PR, though in-roads within the industry have arguably been relatively limited so far. The tentative adoption of AI may well be down to a lack of awareness, understanding and training.

In a new whitepaper – available to download – we’ve examined the current state of play, asking how much of an influence AI is already having on marketing and PR. Is it changing the way professionals work? And how accepted is the role of AI as methodologies continue to evolve?

We’ve also addressed the impact of AI on job roles. Marketing and PR tasks that can benefit from some degree of automation include media and social media monitoring, identifying influencers and their reach, personalisation and customer service automation. Yet, the human touch remains important with best results seen when marketing and PR professionals work collaboratively with technology, providing valued counsel to clients and strategic thinking and creative problem solving services. AI is also unlikely to replace the human element when it comes to interacting with the media, of course! 

Our new paper also considers how we must adapt to the influence of technology in general – and AI in particular – with advice on how best to manage periods of change. Indeed, in any new deployment, demonstrating the value of the change is crucial, as is effective communication with employees to allay any fears and ensure that appropriate training and development is being offered.

We hope you find our latest whitepaper useful and would welcome any feedback you may have on how your organisation is embracing AI, and any changes you foresee as its influence in the industry develops. 

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