We understand the critical issues affecting higher education across the country and around the world. Our talented higher ed team knows the college and university landscape, how trade associations work, the pressures corporations in the higher education space face and how an unexpected Tweet or Facebook post can derail it all. We’re known for providing strategic, honest and reliable counsel designed to produce results. We can help you differentiate your brand, define your distinctiveness, develop and implement communications plans, launch initiatives, smartly make use of social media and understand and enhance your reputations.

The Higher Ed, Research and Digital teams work closely together to address our clients’ objectives from driving enrollment to engaging through social media to raising your visibility. Our goal is to develop smart, customized solutions to meet your needs.

Crisis Communications

Campus crises can occur at any time. Whether addressing a vote of no-confidence, a tragic event on campus, "town/gown" issues, or fiscal exigency – not being prepared jeopardizes trust and credibility. With a well-executed communications strategy, crises can be managed. Our higher ed crisis experts provide a full range of crisis support, including advance planning for the “what if’s” and then 24/7 availability, social media monitoring and on-location staffing when necessary.

We are proud to be a preferred provider for United Educators, the leading risk management and liability insurance company serving educational institutions. We regularly contract with UE’s eligible member schools, colleges and universities that may require specialized planning and communications services when facing a reputational threat.

Higher Education Case Studies

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