Community Management

Our community management team is made up of social designers, storytellers, and data-driven analysts. We follow a “storybranding” framework that is designed to deliver brand-relevant stories on a 24/7/365 basis. The framework focuses on building an authentic, vibrant social and digital presence that is both proactive and reactive to community needs in real time, while attracting new audiences through strong, relevant planned content.

The consistent content generation and community engagement allows brands to control what information is most visible to individuals online and on social channels. The content then tells the story of the brand that attracts new audiences and converts new customers.

Digital Insights

The divisions of old - traditional and social, online and offline - are no longer relevant in today’s landscape, which is why our Digital Insights team works across practice groups and disciplines to build strategies and design campaigns based on analysis and insight about audience demand and behavior.  Our passion for data runs deep, but our expertise is grounded in content development and marketing, giving us the skills to translate research into actionable intelligence.

Our Digital Demand Mapping process defines the conversation and competitive landscape, and identifies the clearest point of entry into that conversation, allowing us to target consumers with the right message. This approach is what differentiates us from other agencies, and has been a vital part of successful, integrated strategies for clients across a range of industries.

You’ll never know what success looks like if you don’t measure it. Setting a baseline, establishing realistic goals, and monitoring along the way is essential to understanding what’s working and where further improvement is needed. Monitoring and measurement is built into our approach from the beginning, and is designed in collaboration with you, so we’re aligning strategies and campaigns with your business objectives.

Search Engine Optimization

The one constant about Search Engine Optimization is that it’s always changing. In order to adapt to this changing landscape, Finn Partners takes a holistic, content-driven approach that combines in-depth research with ongoing monitoring to ensure your SEO strategy achieves sustainable results.

Our process starts with keyword research and search trend analysis to understand the demand for information, and to identify the best opportunities to build visibility and attract target audiences. This research is critical to the success of any campaign and informs all aspects of organic and paid content, planning and development.

Content may be king, but what’s happening on your website matters too. Our website audit takes a deep dive into the user experience and backend architecture of your site to determine how visitors are discovering and interacting with your content, and to identify on-site factors that may be impacting search engine ranking.

Digital Case Studies

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Digital Team Leaders