Local is the new global. Global is the new reality.  From shifting social media platforms and digital intercepts, to an ever-polarized and profit-driven news cycle, today’s savvy organizations know that managing reputation in the 21st Century is challenging -- but critical. Networks have instantaneous impact, and the speed at which fortunes can shift is daunting. Assessment, planning, simulation and training help our clients to face what may come. And when a crisis does hit, we are the partner you can trust.

Navigating a crisis requires flawless partnership and collaboration. Finn's battle-tested crisis management teams offer:

  • Advance preparation via ongoing, thorough engagement with key audiences
  • Calm, measured, authoritative response
  • Humanitarian approach to problem-solving
  • Cross-platform, proactive conversations

Our cross-functional approach to crisis management means keener insights into your audiences, a full understanding of the latest tools, and use of the most effective channels.


Crisis Communication Team Leaders