• Views January 28, 2016

If you were on any form of social media over this weekend, you probably noticed that people were generating and sharing passive aggressive memes and sharing them with their followers. These memes were generated based off of the viral Be like Bill meme that show how Bill is a far superior internet user than everyone else. i.e. “Bill doesn't use hashtags on every post. Bill is smart. Be like Bill.”  

This got me thinking about the fact that this meme subliminally encourages others to compare their behavior and identity with others. While successful companies aren’t sending out their own passive aggressive memes yet, there is an air of “Be Like Me” in the tech industry right now. 

How often do we see media headlines and companies alike trying to compare themselves with Uber, Facebook, Twitter and Google? No one is Facebook until they become Facebook. And no one is Google until they become Google. But it seems as though new technology companies are constantly trying to align themselves with a well-known, market-leading technology brand and their success. And who wouldn’t delight in being likened to Uber, but let’s face it, a million years ago every online retailer wanted to be like Pets.com (a pre-dot-com bust success) and well… they aren’t around anymore. So maybe it’s not such a great idea for companies to compare themselves to others in this way.

Let’s make it our business to encourage our clients to continue to be original, be confident in the products and services they put out and create a name for themselves. At the end of the day, they’ll want their company to stand on its own, and they won’t want to share that spotlight with Uber.