• Views May 20, 2016

Grilled Cheese Day. Prime Rib Day. Eat A Peach Day. As national holidays go, these and many others may seem low on the totem pole compared to hard-hitting and breaking news.

They certainly pale in comparison to mainstream holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July. However, these quirky calendar holidays can be a great news hook for companies looking to generate tremendous brand visibility and buzz- if you follow a few simple guidelines. Hereís a quick PR primer:

  • Donít overreach: Be realistic about your media targets. National Pretzel Day might not be New York Times-worthy, but other top-tier outlets might cover it.
  • Do your research: Spend time becoming familiar with the types of media that do cover news bureau holidays. Conduct dedicated searches specific to the holiday and make a targeted list of media to reach out to. Reference past quirky holidays the identified reporters have covered and pitch your client as a complementary addition to your news hook.
  • Emphasize the relevance: Seamlessly intertwine your client into the news hook. If you represent a spirits brand and you have a cocktail that features peaches, package up the recipe, imagery (with peaches, of course) and a line or two on Eat A Peach Day. Short, sweet and easy for the journalists to insert into a story they may already be working on.
  • Supplement with a social media activation: Expand the reach and engagement of your campaign with a social media component. Utilize hashtags like #NationalPretzelDay and #NationalGrilledCheeseDay to track the conversation and capture brand mentions and engagement.
  • Apply learnings to future pitches: Consolidate feedback from producers, editors, and writers. We recently received feedback that a host of a daytime TV show does not like to do food holiday segments, so in the future, itís not likely we will pitch them with these angles.