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How to Win Digital Marketing

Along with Nadia & Nick, authors from the other INBOUND posts, I also attended INBOUND, an annual conference in which sales and marketing professionals from all business sectors (21,000 attendees) come together to get inspired, educated and connected to help expand and transform their businesses.

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Shining A Light On Childhood Cancer Awareness

As Childhood Cancer Awareness month draws to a close, we join the millions affected by this devastating illness to reflect on the work that’s done year-round to help change the reality we live in – that is, 43 children are diagnosed with childhood cancer every day.  

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Slow and Steady Advocacy Often Wins the Race

My colleagues and I at Widmeyer Education, a Finn Partners company, spend our days working on public policy and advocacy issues that affect public schools, with a particular emphasis on schools in underserved communities.

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