• Views August 24, 2015

Israel is known as a lab for fascinating technologies. For anyone who touches innovation, whether hi-tech aficionado or not, Israel is the engine behind numerous hi-tech firsts: PC microprocessor (Intel Israel) Cellular phone (Motorola Israel) Instant messaging (ICQ, developed by Israel’s Mirabilis, acquired by AOL) USB flash drive (Israel’s Sandisk) VoIP (Internet telephony, by VocalTec) Waze (Acquired by Google)

Indeed, this small country earns its “Start-up Nation” title.

And boy, oh boy, does the Israeli hi-tech scene get attention around the world. For example, 19 companies in the most recent Red Herring 100 Europe (and Israel) rankings are Israeli.

Of course, Israeli innovation goes way beyond technology, to include agriculture, defense, energy and even games, such as Rummikub and one of my personal favorites, Mastermind.

Though most of the “innovation-hype” goes to Israel’s IT/telecom ecosystem, an area where Israel also stands out is medicine and biotechnology.

From the ReWalk bionic walking assistance system that gives movement to paraplegics to the Given Imaging pillcam (a camera inside a pill-sized capsule for capturing images of the digestive tract), cell therapies and many, many developments in the world of devices and biopharma, Israel is at the cutting edge of health innovation.

What is wonderful about working with Israeli health companies is that we often see where life-enhancing innovation is going months and even years before the rest of the world. In the past six months, we’ve worked with innovators in bedside patient monitoring, women’s health, transfer systems for hazardous drugs, therapies for the severely disabled, and potential breakthroughs in immunotherapy. And these advances reflect only our clients! We’ve had meetings with other companies as well, many with innovations so early in development that we can’t even work with them yet.

But that doesn’t stop us from being blown away by their innovation, and looking to a future where these innovations may change people’s lives.

We get excited about health innovation here in Israel. Beyond geographic interest, it means that Israel is doing remarkable things, and that innovation here may help people needing a medical solution – a life-enhancing possibility – elsewhere.

We have a unique opportunity within Finn Partners (FP). FP Israel is able to share what we have learned about biomedical trends and innovation with the rest of the #FPHealth team, who in turn, offer extensive knowledge and relationships to help us amaze our health clients here in Israel.

It’s this collaborative interplay between FP/Israel and the rest of the FP network that can really make a difference for our clients and, we hope, for people worldwide.