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Where Do Snaps Come From?

Toward the end of 2014, a friend over at PR News had asked if I'd be interested in speaking at their June 2015 PR News Digital PR Conference in Miami. Miami during hurricane season wasn't so appealing, but as a natural born schmoozer, I jumped at the chance to mix and mingle with people interested and engaged in the social/digital space.

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Data and Creativity

Not so long ago, if you asked me to describe my best professional attributes, I might say ďattention to detailĒ and ďwork ethicĒ. My strengths have evolved because my job demanded it. Social research and analysis is a young field thatís changing as new social channels emerge and older ones transform. This shifting digital landscape requires me to be more creative and entrepreneurial than Iíve ever been.

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Best of Breed Data Approach: Bottlenose Nerve Center

The Finn Partners Insights Team deals in data, and itís my favorite part of the job. But that data doesnít mean anything if we canít turn it into useful intelligence that can improve the effectiveness of social and digital media activities. There are a lot of tools, but they all have different capabilities, different strengths and weaknesses, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rather than use just one tool, our team relies on a variety of different products to best meet client needs. This week I put Bottlenose Nerve Center to the test on a sample topic.

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The Rise of the Livestream

Livestreaming isn't new, and so when I first heard of Meerkat around spring - which I affectionately just call SXSW season at this point- I was in no rush to download the app. It wasn't until I heard rumblings about Twitter getting peeved with Meerkat's use of its platform that I decided to check it out. And, with my luck, this all happened right around the time when Twitter upped its defense, cut off access to its API, and launched a competitive platform called Periscope.

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The Rise of the Emoji

My love for emoji is far from secret. They were the only thing that made me relate to Zosia Mamet's character on HBO's Girls, and they've helped me to replace the classic text messaging fillers of a forced "haha" or "LOL." Friends and family have grown accustomed to receiving random eggplant emoji when I'm cooking, or an angsty emoticon when they send a text too early or too late.

During my routine morning scan of my Feedly feeds, I noticed more than three articles mentioning the rise of the emoji in varying capacity, and there was one in particular that I wholeheartedly agreed with.

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Inside My Insta-Love

Iím obsessed with Instagram. And while I promise not to treat this blog post like some sort of editorial confessional, itís important to me - really, it is! - that you understand why Iím hooked. Itís also worthwhile to note that Iím pretty neurotic, as far as creatives go. All of my iPhone apps are organized into folders, and then by frequency of use. Imagine the challenge this poses when a new platform is launched, or when a platform rolls out a companion app (like Instagram did with both Hyperlapse and Layout).

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Itís Time to Start Paying Attention to Intention: Some Lessons from Social Media Week New York

This week, I attended a presentation by Michael Zimbalist, SVP of Advertising Products and R&D at The New York Times, entitled, ďMeasuring Attention and Intention.Ē Michael spoke about how his department was taking a closer look at the relationship between readersí attention and intention in an effort to help those of us in the audience understand how brands can create more engaging original content.

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