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Looking Back – Looking Forward Health IT and HIMSS16

The largest assembly of health/tech game-changers attended HIMSS16. In a nation seeking to navigate internal conflict within the medical system – cutting operating costs while improving care – IT innovation could be considered one of the key resources toward resolving that dilemma. It all comes down to improving operating efficiency – patient flow, patient information, patient engagement and patient-care cost.


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  • Views March 10, 2016
5 Tips for Israeli Healthcare Startups

Israel healthcare innovation is booming and its business development lens focuses mostly on the United States marketplace, eager to improve patient care, reduce operating costs and create new consumer wellness experiences. The Finn Partners Israel office is one of the “Start-Up Nation’s” prime communication partners for these entrepreneurial clients.


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  • Views February 9, 2016
How Fragmented Health System Places Greater Burden on Patients

Marketing executives working with the pharma, payer or provider sectors are often quoted that in today’s health marketplace, “The consumer is king.” If so, it’s a kingship with little authority and no ability to govern or have a dominant voice over decisions. Royalty – even without the right to rule – receive deferential regard from governing powers. This is not the case for U.S. consumers who remain adrift within the health system. Who is in charge of our health?

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Keeping Your Heart Healthy at Work

February is American Heart Month -- and no, it's not because of the heart-shaped Valentine's Day candy that's been on store shelves since New Year's Day. American Heart Month is about making strides in promoting heart health. 


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  • Views December 9, 2015
How Should We Measure Healthcare Quality

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that healthcare spending in the U.S. was $3 trillion last year – that’s trillion with a “t”. Are we getting our money’s worth? This question was discussed at a Washington, DC, breakfast conversation sponsored by PoliticoPro and CVSHealth, and it is a topic of discussion and consternation in the healthcare community.


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  • Views November 16, 2015
Honoring Our Elders: Florida Sets the Bar on Senior Care

Baby Boomers have evolved into the largest senior population our nation has ever seen. Now, with more of us living longer, children are taking on the role of caregivers. But, with living longer, comes a variety of trends that require us to re-examine and re-define how we take care of our seniors.

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