• News March 6, 2014
Is Detroit the next Brooklyn? The next Silicon Valley? Or even Berlin, Germany

Peter Finn created Finn Partners on the belief that strong partnerships are the foundation of success. Detroit, in our opinion, is full of those partners. So let’s do this together, Detroit. We’re looking for good people to join our team and good companies to work alongside in this great city. I hope you’ll allow me to introduce you to our network of 300+ talented individuals and show you what we’re made of- we have a lot in common.

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  • News November 8, 2013
Something New for Your Ears

We’ve been cooking up something new at Finn Partners for the past month. A podcast. Not just a podcast, but the Finncast. It’s our attempt to dissect all of this information in our rapidly evolving industry. Our weekly podcast series is launching today, with a new episode planned every Monday. In each weekly episode we hit on some of the top news items of the week and then discuss one topic in the PR, social or digital space.

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  • News November 7, 2013
One Finn Partners

“One Finn Partners: Our Shared Culture and Brand.” This was the theme of a recent retreat I attended at the beautiful Hunter Mountains in the Catskills. Representing MEDIA CONNECT, I joined several other members of the Finn Partners family from all over, with representatives coming from as far as Israel and London. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know people from other offices and learn about the type of work they do, and most importantly, come together to find ways for us to all work together and make Finn Partners stronger as a whole.

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  • News October 25, 2013
Finn for the Win

Over the the past 18 months we've been recognized by the industry by winning a number of awards, nationally and regionally as well. In 2012, we won Best New Agency, followed by the Best Agency to Work For in 2013. And while the industry's awards season is winding down, this past week has showered us with additional awards, reflecting great work and recognition as a Firm of the Year at the PR News Platinum PR Awards.

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  • News July 10, 2013
The Growing Team at Finn Partners

I am very pleased that my good friend Scott Widmeyer has decided to merge his agency, Widmeyer Communications, into Finn Partners. I understand from Scott that the collaborative culture we have built at Finn Partners was a key factor in his decision. I care about every one of my colleagues and very much want the growth and continued exciting developments at Finn Partners to benefit each and every member of our team. Our first Finn Partners ad proudly displayed the names of the 180 people. Today our team has grown to about 280 working out of our 8 offices.

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  • News May 14, 2013
What Makes Finn Partners the "Best Agency to Work For”

Within 18 months of our official launch, Finn Partners has been named the best PR agency to work for in North America. This award is about more than agency programs and policies; it is a reflection of every team member's dedication and commitment to our clients, our craft, our agency and to one another. It is truly special to me that our distinction is based on direct input and comments from our team and is based on a survey of 5,000 employees from 60 agencies.

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  • News February 21, 2013
Style & Substance: An Inspired Convergence

Inspiration can come from many sources, and as we go about the business of servicing clients, developing strategies and executing programs, opportunities arise that both inspire and impel us towards our very best work. Such is the case in our work with American couturier and ready-to-wear designer, B. Michael. As the newly-appointed agency of record to this venerated luxury brand that is coveted by the most stylish women around the world, Finn Partners was charged with managing all aspects of communication surrounding B. Michael’s Fall/Winter 2013 Couture during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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  • News January 4, 2013
Creating a Peace Network in Kashmir

As some of you know, I created a not-for-profit organization 10 years ago called Global Peace Initiative of Women. Since its founding I have worked with young people and leaders from many different sectors of society around the world to foster peace initiatives in troubled global hot spots. I view this as part of the way in which I give back to the world.

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  • News October 26, 2012
  • News October 12, 2012