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Biomedical Advances from the “Start-Up Nation”

Israel is known as a lab for fascinating technologies. For anyone who touches innovation, whether hi-tech aficionado or not, Israel is the engine behind numerous hi-tech firsts:

  • PC microprocessor (Intel Israel)
  • Cellular phone (Motorola Israel)
  • Instant messaging (ICQ, developed by Israel’s Mirabilis, acquired by AOL)
  • USB flash drive (Israel’s Sandisk)
  • VoIP (Internet telephony, by VocalTec)
  • Waze (Acquired by Google)
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An Intern’s Dream: Sharks and World Records

How many sharks does it take to persuade someone not to swim in a great white shark feeding territory? For most, the answer is a resounding zero. But, for San Francisco resident (and Finn Partners friend) Kimberley Chambers, a great white shark isn’t enough to get in the way of making history.

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Designing a Happy Workplace

There’s no doubt that building – and sustaining – a strong corporate culture is a key factor in attracting and retaining strong talent. At Finn Partners, corporate culture isn’t just fluff; we’ve dedicated an entire role to ensuring that workplace happiness is more than just a mantra – it’s a reality. Julia Jolly – the clue is in her last name (and yes, that’s really it!) – is our resident Office Culture Manager, and we asked her to share a handful of tips about developing a positive office environment.

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