Luke Heyerman

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

I believe in the relentless and brave pursuit of questions. They are creative adrenaline.

Friction is a point of emphasis. I strive to promote collaborative conflict in all creative endeavors. Like a plow meeting hard ground, friction helps to unearth vital insights that yield a more vibrant crop.

Every brand is part of a story, and I apply my eclectic skills and experiences to help clients define that narrative. I fall in love with each character, each cause, each product.

Chapters of my own professional story include helping Walmart lead the largest omnichannel, multi-agency campaign of its time and the most successful social campaign of the holiday season. I’ve been heavily involved in global campaigns for American Express, Cisco, Facebook, HP, Salesforce and Xerox. At FINN, I’ve helped elevate JPMorgan Chase, Charles Schwab, Prudential, PwC and VMware from industry leaders to thought leaders. Still, the most rewarding parts of my job are the friendships forged with clients and the chance to direct and develop talented, creative folks.

A happy set is a box-office flop.

– Jack Lemmon

How'd you get here?

Before embarking in earnest on my marketing career, I acted in Hollywood, authored children’s books, wrote plays and novels, taught science and music in South Central Los Angeles and whispered instructions in surgeons’ ears as they implanted orthopedic devices.