Lori Traczyk

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When I think about PR and how I see my role in this industry, I think of myself as a storyteller...

You can say PR is in my DNA.  I grew up overseas, residing in Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Greece, and Korea.  Having lived in many countries as a young American, I experienced many new cultures and traditions from an early age.  I couldn’t get enough.  I wanted to learn more and see more of the world.  It offered me an invaluable education as well as providing a catalog of rich stories to share with my friends and family.

When I think about PR and how I see my role in this industry, I think of myself as a storyteller, weaving in client messaging, conceptualizing high profile events to attract an audience, developing strategic partnerships to tell an even bigger story, and sometimes, even managing not to tell a story, a la crisis communications.

Getting a brand and client’s story out to the world can be done through so many channels these days, a far different landscape from when I first started my career in PR twenty years ago, which makes this an the exciting time for our industry.  The world is much smaller, evident through social media channels where we can reach (almost) anywhere in the world today.  But the branding must be done with delicate precision and with a constant fresh approach.  This year, I am proud to say we received many industry awards for work on Singapore Tourism Board, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau and Changi Airport just to name a few.

My PR story spans everything from high end fashion, to large publicly-traded corporations,  international entertainment and special events, luxury real estate developers, charitable and not-for-profit organizations, and publishing.  I even jumped the fence one year to be a luxury travel and hospitality journalist in Greece to Athens Insider Magazine.

Now I found my home in travel and tourism, first with M. Silver Associates and now through Finn Partners based on our recent merger.   My work includes creation and execution of global marketing and public relations campaigns in diverse market segments, including domestic and international destinations, luxury resorts and high end real estate assets.   In addition, I’ve served prestigious accounts  such as Emirates Airline, Visit Denmark, Eventi a Kimpton Hotel, “JAPAN NEXT EXHIBITION of Fine Arts,” Residences at Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, On Call International and the award-winning Changi Airport.

I love my work.  It inspires me each day with wonder to see what the next chapter will be.