Katharina Ehrnsperger

Associate Vice President
+49 69 348726 378

Professional Experience

With a M.Sc. in Marketing in my pocket and experience within various marketing departments, I joined Finn Partners in Frankfurt in October 2015. Over the past five years I have become a manufacturing and trade expert who still has the same passion for the industry as when I started. My greatest drive is to give my clients a voice that can be heard within the media jungle and to see them succeed. Since 2018 I am located in Malmoe, Sweden.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

— Gandhi

How'd you get here?

A professor I had at university ignited my passion for marketing and communications. So after graduation I started to work in various marketing departments e.g. of a fashion brand, hotel chain and online financial service provider, before joining Finn Partners.

Katharina Ehrnsperger is an Associate Vice President based out of the Finn Partners’ Frankfurt, Germany office and she resides in Borås, Sweden.

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