Chris Messina-Boyer

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

For 30+ years, I led public relations and marketing efforts on college and university campuses and academic medical centers. My experience on those campuses gives me a special perspective of the opportunities and challenges facing our education and health clients. Whether it’s a reputational crisis, a research breakthrough or the need to connect with employees, our FINN team is ready to help.

The most damaging phrase in the language is: 'It's always been done that way.

- Grace Hopper

How'd you get here?

My career has come full circle. During my senior year of college, my first PR job was at an agency in St. Louis, MO. Between then and FINN, I have counseled Congressional leaders, corporate CEOs and presidents of educational institutions. Through my work, I’ve been fortunate to see a space shuttle launch, watch a heart transplant, advocate for women’s issues, lobby for the use of hydrogen fuel cells, and manage 24/7 media for a critically ill governor of New Jersey. Today I bring this full circle of communications experience to our client work.