Amy Christie

Associate Vice President

Amy Christie is an Associate Vice President in the Chicago office of Finn Partners. She has more than eight years of experience in public relations and marketing for B2B clients in high-growth technology markets, as well the healthcare, legal, private equity, education and food services industries. Recently, she managed all elements of a four-month rebranding process for the largest omnichannel commerce technology and operations provider, valued at more than $1B. In addition, with the rise of mergers and acquisitions in many industries, she has first-hand experience in helping companies plan, develop and execute nuanced internal and external communications across multiple stakeholder audiences.    

  • Facebook: Getting clients to create ownable content is key in positioning them as leading authorities in their respective industries. Amy Christie writes a persuasive note to clients encouraging them to produce content.
  • Twitter: “We’re the leader in our industry.” The client says it, now let’s work together to prove it. 
  • LinkedIn: Every business, product or service claims to be the best. Those that break through the clutter has produced content to back up those claims and prove it.