Alan Isacson

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

This led to starting ABI, a marketing public relations firm focused on companies that manufacture products or offer services to other businesses. Our core specialty helps client companies avoid commodity traps by strategically promoting the distinctive value they bring to their customers. We then create compelling content that resonates with intended decision-makers, setting our clients ahead of the competition. The small New York firm I started grew into a worldwide agency. Now, as a Finn Partners Company we have tremendous depth in digital marketing, social media, creative services, and market research. Our enhanced services give our clients the edge in key market segments, including food, life sciences, packaging, cosmetics, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, energy, technology, industrial, and sustainability.

I found my calling in helping manufacturing and technology companies.

How'd you get here?

In the Army, I was initially trained as an operator of heavy construction equipment for building roads. I later became a drill sergeant and ran training for the 78th Division Leadership Academy at Fort Dix. When I returned from active duty, I was fortunate to become a member of the Boilermakers Union and work on a major construction project building oil tanks for a utility in upstate New York. I was fascinated not only by the operation of the equipment, but also how the machinery impacted quality, efficiency, and safety. So, when I began working for my first marketing agency, and my first client sold industrial equipment — unlike my peers, I was excited. While my colleagues preferred to work on consumer-oriented clients, I found my calling in helping manufacturing and technology companies build sales and grow market share.

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