When I get passionate about something, I really invest in it.

As a kid, it was basketball. I once broke my finger during practice, went to the hospital to get it set and splinted, and upon returning home, shoveled the snow from the driveway so that I could shoot more hoops. The pain didn't bother me nearly as much as the prospect of a missed free throw.  Long after that day's experience on the court, in the hospital and out in the cold in my driveway, what sticks with me is that mental and physical wellbeing are interconnected, and that people's passion about their ideas can improve life.

Today, I head Finn Partners Israel.  Israel is home to breakthroughs in online, medtech and biological technologies.  Our agency is in the hub of innovation – where clients are passionate about how their ideas can change the world.  The source of these innovations, and their corporate partners, need to convey value for investors, potential partners and consumers.  My passion is to help them succeed!

I'm proud to be working with a global team of professionals who get jazzed by doing amazing things for great clients. And although I still love the feel of a basketball in my hands, and draining the three-pointer,  it's the work at Finn Partners with technology and medical innovators that I get passionate about these days.