What excites me most about representing technology companies is that they are ever changing and always evolving. Iíve worked with technology brands for more than 25 years, although when I first started my career, these clients were considered ďelectronicsĒ companies as technology hadnít worked its way into our daily lives. Wow, has that changed!

I have to say that Iím a self-professed geek when it comes to technology, but what I love even more is how to leverage that innovation into compelling, strategic communications campaigns that get results.

To that end, Iíve had the good fortune of working with agencies that realize the value of always staying ahead of the market when it comes to adopting and leveraging new communications tools and techniques. Finn Partners is no exception, since we take a ďbest practicesĒ approach to each client engagement and always look for ways to improve upon the work we do.

I joined Finn Partners as part of the companyís acquisition of Horn Group, which has been a leading technology agency in New York and Silicon Valley for 24 years. As part of Horn Group, where I was the general manager of the New York office, my focus was on working with technology brands in the advertising technology, digital media and enterprise sectors. We helped brands like Forbes re-invent itself as a digital media company and successfully positioned companies like Rubicon Project for their initial public offering. During that time, I worked with some amazing CEOs in driving thought leadership campaigns that had dramatic impact on how their companies were perceived in the market. Iíve also had the opportunity to manage communications for several mergers and acquisitions, as well as major funding announcements.

In previous agency roles, Iíve led agency technology practices that represented leading B2B and B2C brands like Avaya, Canon, Fiserv, HP, Johnson Controls, PayPal, Samsung, Sony and Visa. Iíve also had the good fortune of winning several awards on behalf of these clients, including two PRSA Silver Anvil and a BMA B2 award. Although awards are nice, what continues to excite me after all this time is being able to help companies achieve their business goals through communications. Itís always our primary focus at Finn Partners.

Lastly, on the rare occasion when Iím not working, you can usually find me pursuing one of my passions of photography or travel (hopefully both at the same time). Yes, I have a spreadsheet listing all of the places Iíve been and all the places I still expect to visit.