Asia is a very exciting place to be. It’s more complex and nuanced than you can imagine. The opportunities in the huge markets of China and India, as well as emerging markets in Southeast Asia, mean that many US and European companies are coming here to see how they can tap the region’s growth as their more mature markets falter.

Because more than a few of them have put their trust in us, we have been able to grow from a tiny two-person business in Singapore to a 38-person strong B2B communications agency and most recently, Finn Partners headquarters in the Asia Pacific today. 

Still, Singapore has a very developed agency sector and people often ask me how we’ve competed successfully, often against the biggest brands. It really comes down to two simple truths. 

We care. We want to do things right.

We care deeply how about our clients’ businesses work, whether they are doing well, what are their priorities – basically, what matters to them. We truly believe that our job is to help translate a client’s business strategy and priorities into an effective communications strategy, thereby helping bring their B2B stories to life. 

We also care very much about the people who work for us – that this is the right place for them, that they are enabled to do the best job for our clients, and that they treat each other (not just the bosses or the clients) right. So I personally spend a lot of time training and coaching the team, to help them become B2B professionals anyone would be happy to work with. 

Most importantly, it’s always been about doing the right thing, and doing things right. This means doing right by people, doing the best you can every time, and delivering on your promises on time, on target. If we can do this, the rest will take care of itself.

In my previous life, I had the privilege of working for two highly respected global brands – Singapore Airlines and IBM. And I have a so-far-unutilized law degree from King’s College London. Today, I spend my time juggling work and three growing and very noisy kids in the thriving garden city of Singapore.