I often tell people, I do the same thing every day, but itís never the same thing. Whether itís brainstorming concepts for a new creative pitch, developing a strategy to engage audiences through the web or social media, or producing and directing a broadcast project to capture and share our clientís stories, it all comes down to one simple thing: the ability to communicate a great idea.

The art of communications has always intrigued me. I love the challenge of looking at things differently, while at the same time getting others to comprehend what we see. Especially using technology.

Early in my career, I began to see the importance of visual storytelling as our clients began to embrace the use of video. What began as a small internal resource has grown to become a group of specialized professionals who have created and produced videos, commercials and live events for clients like Bridgestone, Firestone, Jack Danielís, Goodwill Industries, Franklin American Mortgage Company, and Corizon Health.

A few years later, a very interesting new form of communications presented itselfÖthis crazy thing called the Internet. Once again, I was drawn to the idea that we could create and share client stories through this fascinating new medium. Today, we feature a full staff of designers, developers and specialists dedicated to communicate great ideas for clients like Bridgestone, Ardent Health, ONEOK Natural Gas, AMSURG, J. Alexanderís Corporation and the legendary Loveless Cafe.

What began as a simple specialty need has evolved into a digital resource with national and global reach. I continue to embrace technology and have worked hard to stay relevant by attending digital workshops at New York University, Social Media Marketing Summits in San Francisco, and completing an extended education course in social media and digital marketing at Harvard University.

Itís been almost 30 years and I still find myself doing the same thing. I love it now more than ever. And I canít wait to experience what comes next.