My professional journey began in television. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Education, from Howard University, my plan was to become an art teacher. Unfortunately, schools were cutting back on what was deemed extracurricular studies at the time, so positions for art and music teachers were scarce. A wise woman once told me "no matter what you do, make sure you can type and you'll always be employed." That wise woman was my mom and, of course, she was right.

So my first job was as a secretary in the Programming department of NBC/WRC-TV in Washington, DC. It didn't take long before I decided that I wanted a career in television broadcasting. I spent nights and weekends for two years getting a Masters in Broadcast Production and Management from The American University. I left NBC eight years later as an Emmy award-winning producer of children's programs. I went on to become an Executive Producer at both public and cable television stations.

Several Emmys and many years later, I had my first job outside of the television studio as Chief of Communications for the State of Ohio Department of Economic Development (DOD). Little did I know that I was preparing myself for public relations agency life. I managed a department of 40 professionals servicing the communication needs for the divisions of science and technology, business development, international trade and travel and tourism. In addition to my in house staff I had an agency-and I was the client! I believe that my commitment to client service comes from my having worked on that side of the equation. I remember what I expected from my agency and I always strive to give my clients that much and more! My philosophy is that the day you win a client is the day before you begin to lose a client unless you treat each day like the first day on the job. You must always look for ways to remind your client why they hired you in the first place.

Client service is a priority at Finn Partners. It's part of our DNA. We stress the importance of good client service from our new employee orientation to a permanent agenda item for our Partners' meetings. We share ideas, talent, networks and expertise across practice areas and across offices to make sure that our clients are always getting our best. This approach to client service doesn't just serve our clients well, it also serves us because our clients are our best ambassadors!