I realized early in my career that Im a marketing fanatic, but more importantly, that Im wild about agency work. So I am grateful for more than 22 years of amazing agency life, the clients Ive had, the work Ive been able to be part of, and the experiences Ive had.

There were days when I thought other areas of the marketing carousel were having all the fun. Today, PR is definitely the place to be. Weve got a big, exciting sandbox earned, paid, shared, and owned media and were delivering industry-leading insights, strategies, analytics and measurable outcomes.

The analytics and measurement are what I felt were missing when I started in this business. Today, at Finn Partners, we have the most powerful tools to integrate these into everything we do, and it makes our work exponentially more exciting and rewarding for us and our clients.

Im proud of the work were doing to break barriers in strategy, impact and ROI. We get choice assignments to help clients navigate the waters of the most exciting time for customers, consumers and communicators.

I also love the range of work we do: consumer marketing, technology, health and wellness, food and beverage, retail, foodservice, restaurant and hospitality, home and shelter, professional services, and sports and entertainment. To go from talking to a health provider to a law firm working in todays changing healthcare legal arena makes each day an incredible learning and working environment.

Through it all, I am most proud to be part of the Finn Partners family and our vision to build the best agency possible. Its amazing to see what weve achieved in just three years and it just gets better and better each day. It shows in our work and in the passion and spirit of the entire team. That's what this partnership is all about.