I joined the team in 2014, when Finn Partners acquired Johnson King, the award-winning tech agency, as part of its strategy to expand into the European PR market.† Whether we were hiring staff, pitching for business, or working on campaigns for our clients, at Johnson King we were always very exacting about what we did. At the same time we also wanted to create an enthusiastic, rewarding, democratic and supportive place to work. Finn Partners shares these ideals, so the decision to join its team was easy.

I began my career in tech PR back in 2000, at the height of the dotcom bubble. It was definitely a fun time to start; VC firms were throwing cash at start ups with little more than a good idea. Indeed, some of them had little more than a bad idea. But regardless of how solid their business plans were, they all had one thing in common Ė they wanted to be famous, making it boom time for PRs. While there have been some harder times for the tech industry since then, today it is bigger, stronger and more influential than ever before, which makes it an incredible field to work in. One thingís for sure, thereís no such thing as a dull day in tech.

Over the years Iíve worked for all kinds of technology firms, but my expertise (and heart) lies with business to business brands. My client experience includes FireEye, Equinix, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper Networks and Aruba Networks (to name just a few). Iím also extremely proud to have been worked on some award winning campaigns, both for IT security company, Sophos, and green data center provider, Verne Global.

Life outside work is just as interesting. Living in London, Iím never short of entertainment, while my two young daughters keep me busy. I recently caught the running bug, and have just completed my first (and most probably last) marathon. Iím also a keen cyclist, and one of those crazy people who commutes across London by bike. This exercise means I can enjoy my two favourite hobbies Ė drinking fine wine and eating good food Ė without any of the usual guilt.