In our home growing up, communication was considered an art. Our parents believed that the ability to construct a beautiful sentence or argue a strong point was essential not only to our success in life, but also to our enjoyment of it. They engaged my sisters and me in countless dinner-table debates, pushing us to hone our critical thinking. It was no wonder, then that, years later, we ended up working together in the field of public relations.

My road to Finn Partners was circuitous, leading me first northeast from my hometown of Nashville and then back again to DVL Seigenthaler 20 years later. At Boston College, I studied English and communication then moved into journalism after graduation. I loved working as a crime and government reporter at small, scrappy daily newspapers both south and north of Boston where I learned that writing well is of no use if you can’t meet a deadline.

After six years in journalism’s trenches, I had the world’s best luck to move to the U.S. Embassy in Dublin as the special assistant to Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith. My five years there happened to coincide with one of the most important periods in the history of the island when Ireland underwent a cultural renaissance and economic boom, and peace was finally restored after generations of violence. The Ambassador was at the center of it all, and I was fortunate to be there with her.

At the end of our posting, I looked for a career that would merge my background in journalism, speech writing, event planning, and foreign policy. Public relations was the natural choice. I moved back to Boston and joined Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications where I was involved in developing and executing comprehensive communications programs, particularly in the fields of healthcare, technology and science. I loved it. And now, at DVL Seigenthaler, I still do.

Public relations gives me the chance to help organizations improve their part of the world by developing smart strategies that will move people to act. Public relations is about solving the puzzles that hold organizations back so that they can move forward more confidently toward their goals. And as the communications field has become more layered and complex with the fracturing of traditional media and the emergence of electronic media, the field has become all the more fascinating.

To be successful in public relations, a person must be smart, curious, nimble and relentless in pursuing success. I am so grateful to be part of a team full of those people, and to work with great organizations that are doing great things. I look forward to coming to work each day to push myself and our team always forward.