I've probably written a hundred bios; now doing my own seems odd. But, so was my first day in PR.

I was given a clip book assignment and I remember thinking...is this really my new job? Just the week prior, I was writing for a daily newspaper. Now, I'm cutting one to shreds, re-gluing it and making multiple photocopies.

That was almost two decades ago, and a lot has since changed—for the better.

Today, I am proud to work in a company that values people and their ideas the way Finn Partners does. We are not always perfect, but we are always curious, energetic, respectful and committed. Ours is a culture where self-starters, creative thinkers and effective do-ers can build a successful and rewarding career—and I think I am a living example of this. I first started working with my current colleagues at my previous agency, and at the time was a newly minted senior account executive. Over time I have grown into a role that has afforded me the privilege to help launch Finn Partners, a firm unlike any other.

What inspires me most is the personal belief that we must be invaluable in all aspects of our career—with clients, with colleagues and with a network of contacts. Since transitioning from being a reporter, I've never wanted to specialize in any one field of public relations, thinking that I'd miss learning or experiencing something new. I credit that to my natural interest in anything to do with the news. I have been fortunate to work on a variety of assignments, in nearly every industry sector and with some of world's best known brands, like Microsoft, GE, Sharp Electronics, The North Face, Reuters, Reebok, Booz-Allen and NEC. Despite all their differences, there are common threads that I carry into every client or team assignment: listening to new ideas is important; winners always find a way to keep improving their game; candid feedback is best; and, no one should ever be too proud to pack a press kit, carry a few boxes or run behind a camera crew.

To complement my career, I've sought opportunities where I can build leadership skills, volunteer my time and support worthy causes. I am on the Board of Directors for the University of Connecticut Alumni Association and was named a 40 Under 40 Graduate of the University. I'm part of the school's Branding task force and the Alumni Communications Committee. I have supported Dress for Success, Women in Technology International, and spoke before the United Nations at their Annual Commission on the Status of Women.

I often tell colleagues and job candidates alike that if they find themselves unchallenged or feeling stagnant in their careers, it is their responsibility to take risks and change things. And, I know if they respond well to that statement, they are Finn Partners material.

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