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Capt Viz

AGE: 35
STATUS: Single
SUPERPOWER: Captain Viz's eye beams expose the truth in any situation, lifting any veil, no matter how sheer. When diffused, his power can transform people into excellent communicators. Can be lethal when unleashed on the corrupt.
WHAT'S HIS DEAL? Every generation the people of the planet Lucid gather to send off a group of gifted children to the far reaches of the galaxy in an attempt to
spread the healing light of truth, which
their culture has been protecting for
eons. Viz ended up on Earth, the 6th
darkest planet in the galaxy, where he
found Finn Partners, a bright spot
in the dullness, a place where
he could cultivate his own
MOTTO: Making the
world a brighter place
one success at a time.

Captain Viz and Friends