• Views July 10, 2012

"We must find ways to support them [Veterans]…and their families. They must know they can count on us for everything."

– Actor Jon Voight, 123rd annual Memorial Day Ceremony, Los Angeles National Cemetery.

My name is Patric Rayburn, and I’m a managing associate at Rogers Finn Partners in Los Angeles. There’s no shortage of compelling causes in the world today. No shortage of Veterans returning from combat after multiple tours resulting in record suicide and depression rates—No shortage of draconian budget cuts leaving social services strained and at a breaking point. So what is to come of this discrepancy between what exists and what should? In this “new normal”, how will we assure what we believe translates into a society in which we can live? The solutions aren’t always apparent and are never convenient, but we must find them.

Here are three ways my colleagues and I are trying to make a difference: Click Here to Watch.