• Views May 8, 2012

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Finn Partners values and supports risk-taking and loyalty.  I’ve never been one to follow the rules, and I never want to look back on my career saying, “I wish I had done this” or “I should have been that.”  That’s not a problem we have here.

But retaining talent and developing careers needs to start with the people themselves and our managers.  From the day our junior associates step in the door, they are given responsibilities that will challenge them. Finn Partners celebrates individuality and collaboration.  Whether your specialty is social media or publicity, each and every interest and skill is recognized and utilized.  It is remarkable to see how so many different skill-sets can join forces on assignments, creating richer results.

To promote this culture from the ground-up, I am very happy to announce the official launch of our new FINNstitute program. Led by our Partner in Training program, FINNstitute is designed to prepare our entry-level colleagues for the challenges they face on a daily basis. Read more on our FINNstitute page.

Our future is bright, as is evidenced by our recent Best New Agency Win, and I am confident that the people I work with every day will continue to make brilliant work.  When I joined Finn Partners, Founding Partner Peter Finn told me he wanted the company to be the “Best Place to Work” in the industry. This is no easy task, but we already have what it takes to get there – our team.  I look forward to working with this outstanding group of people to pursue this goal in the coming months.