• Views May 26, 2015
The New Face of Twitter Search

Earlier this month, my eyes were delighted when I noticed a change in the design of Twitter's Search interface. Much sleeker, and much more intuitive, the new design is really great. I've been tweeting since 2009 and social media is my meal ticket, so while I am very familiar with Twitter, I also really appreciate this change in design direction.

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  • Views May 8, 2014
Finncast Episode 17: Social Design

We took a slightly different direction for Finncast's 17th episode, as we were joined by repeat guest and wildly talented account supervisor, Anush Davtian. Together we explored digital news as of late, including Vine's desktop redesign, Pinterest's "Guided Search", and Foursquare's app split, before launching into a larger discussion on social design and Twitter's desktop redesign.

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