Social Media Week in Review

iPhone users are celebrating the latest update to the Facebook app (Photo courtesy of

There was some shady business in the world of Facebook and Twitter this week. Read on to learn more.

Twitter Restricts Access to API – Moving Onto Entertainment?  In a move to possibly take complete control over the information shared in its network, Twitter has yanked Tumblr’s access to its API – meaning the “Find Twitter Friends” capability will no longer be available. Twitter has been cracking down on making the network’s information more private and now they are turning their backs on Tumblr, a service that until now has been a team player with the social network and even helped them build “Twitter cards”.

Cutting off third-party developers and its recent deals with new partnerships such as NBC and the 2012 Summer Olympics, leads one to believe Twitter may have a change of heart on what they define as a successful social network.

Facebook Investor Dumps Stocks 

Peter Thiel, Facebook’s first outside investor and board member confirmed he had sold about 20 million shares of Facebook last week. While Thiel still owns about 5.6 million shares, what does this say about the already poorly performing Facebook stock? 

iOS App Gets Highly Anticipated Update

iPhone users are celebrating the latest update to the Facebook app, which totes a faster news feed, instant access to notifications, faster photo uploads and access to the Camera and Messenger apps all in one place. Facebook has combined the codes for the three apps into one, allowing the iOS apps to be closer to the online Facebook experience. The Android update of the app is most likely in the works.


Social Media Week in Review

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. Everywhere I turn there is yet another article about Facebook this week. So why not compile them all in one place? Here is everything you ever wanted to know about Facebook this week (and some things you didn’t).

Lawsuits Pile Up Over Facebook IPO

Just days after the Facebook IPO, lawsuits are rolling in against the giant social media website. The class-action suits allege that Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and other big Wall Street banks that distributed the shares withheld crucial information from smaller investors that they shared with big institutional clients.

Facebook Tells Brands the Percentage of Fans Who See Their Posts

Earlier this year Facebook revealed that the average post on a brand page only reaches 16% of fans. Now you can test Facebook’s math because this week they introduced a new feature for select users that shows the percentage of brand page fans that saw as well as liked recent posts.

Brands Can Turn Their Facebook Timeline Into a Movie

If you are a manager of a Facebook Page, you can now easily create a movie using photos, videos, and status updates from your brands’ Timeline. Users can also customize the movie by picking from a selection of music, replacing visual elements and adding status updates or messages throughout the video.

Facebook and TBS Announce Branded Comedy Partnership

The “Very Funny” cable channel, TSB is partnering with Facebook to add more branded comedy entertainment options for advertisers. According to Facebook, the TBS partnership will help brands distribute and promote content across multiple platforms, while engaging with Facebook’s 901 million active users.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Social Network

And just for fun…. incase you haven’t had enough Facebook news this week, here are 10 little-known Facebook facts.