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The End of An Era

This has been a tough week for television audiences. Mad Men wrapped up its seventh and final season on Sunday, and David Letterman bid farewell to Late Show fans last night, after 33 years as its hilariously charming host.

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Best of Breed Data Approach: Bottlenose Nerve Center

The Finn Partners Insights Team deals in data, and it’s my favorite part of the job. But that data doesn’t mean anything if we can’t turn it into useful intelligence that can improve the effectiveness of social and digital media activities. There are a lot of tools, but they all have different capabilities, different strengths and weaknesses, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rather than use just one tool, our team relies on a variety of different products to best meet client needs. This week I put Bottlenose Nerve Center to the test on a sample topic.

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The Rise of the Livestream

Livestreaming isn't new, and so when I first heard of Meerkat around spring - which I affectionately just call SXSW season at this point- I was in no rush to download the app. It wasn't until I heard rumblings about Twitter getting peeved with Meerkat's use of its platform that I decided to check it out. And, with my luck, this all happened right around the time when Twitter upped its defense, cut off access to its API, and launched a competitive platform called Periscope.

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  • Views May 11, 2015
The Joys of Project Management

There's so much industry chatter about the importance of a mentor in the workplace -- which I wholeheartedly agree with -- but I'd almost go as far as to argue that working with a real-life PM is as important as having a mentor. How are you supposed to focus on professional development when you're drowning deep into the depths of account service and management?

My secret? Neby Ejigu. If you're wondering what's so special about Neby, you probably haven't crossed paths with him yet. He's the Director of Production at Finn Partners. Not sure what that means? In a nutshell, it means that he is the neck that turns the head. Neby oversees a team of digital PMs to ensure that all projects -- including internal collaborations with account teams -- run smoothly.

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  • Views May 8, 2015
NY Tech Day: The Ever-expanding Tech Industry of Silicon Alley

NY Tech Day attracts some of the most creative and innovative companies that Silicon Alley has to offer, boasting more than 400 exhibitors and 10,000+ attendees. This is the second year that Finn Partners has walked the show floor, where we learned firsthand just how powerful the technology industry is here.

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  • News May 6, 2015
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Finn Partners Named "Midsize Agency of the Year"

Throughout my career, I’ve made presentations to Paul trying to convince him that the agency I was running deserved to be named Agency of the Year in its size category.

Until last night, that had never worked out.

There are many excellent agencies in each size category, and last night, in the company of 800 of the top PR professionals, including a group of us from Finn Partners, Finn Partners was named Midsize Agency of the Year. Richard and I joined Paul on stage to accept the award, and I confessed to Paul that I was in a state of shock.

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  • Views May 4, 2015
The Rise of the Emoji

My love for emoji is far from secret. They were the only thing that made me relate to Zosia Mamet's character on HBO's Girls, and they've helped me to replace the classic text messaging fillers of a forced "haha" or "LOL." Friends and family have grown accustomed to receiving random eggplant emoji when I'm cooking, or an angsty emoticon when they send a text too early or too late.

During my routine morning scan of my Feedly feeds, I noticed more than three articles mentioning the rise of the emoji in varying capacity, and there was one in particular that I wholeheartedly agreed with.

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  • Views April 28, 2015
Think Pink: Fresh Perspective on Sales and Leadership at LMA Annual Conference

Daniel Pink is the first to admit he went to law school, but never practiced a day in his life. “They wouldn’t let me,” he quipped in his opening lines of the keynote address at the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference in San Diego on April 14. In a witty and energetic talk, bestselling author Pink offered what he called a “1-3-5” presentation, comprised of “one insight, three principles and five takeaways.”

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