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ACA: Long Live the Law

If there is one major takeaway from last week’s Supreme Court Affordable Care Act decision, it is this: The Law’s not Dead. Long Live the Law.

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Morning Joe at Lunch

Any day in the life of a public relations professional is far from typical, but one clear constant remains: media relations.

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Step One for Professional Service and Financial Firms is Often to Step Back

We regularly work with professional service and financial firms that have grown organically over the years and even decades. These firms have largely attracted clients through word-of-mouth referrals stemming from exemplary work, exceptional client service and carefully cultivated relationships.

Inevitably they reach a point where an important decision has to be made: continue organic growth (which is comfortable but can have diminishing returns) or take a more systematic approach to growth by extending visibility through a dedicated strategic communications program directed at target clients/customers.

For us, this is where the fun starts.

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