The Best Walk in SF

San Francisco is known for many things, but within Finn Partners we’re known for our spectacular conference room view. We have a postcard-perfect overlook of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island, anchored by San Francisco’s iconic Ferry Building. It’s actually one of the first things that won me over when I interviewed three years ago.

A view from Finn Partners San Francisco office.

A view from Finn Partners San Francisco office.

Some of my best times at the company have been spent walking to and from the Ferry Building with colleagues. The walk is just a few blocks, and crosses through the heart of the Financial District, past tourists at the cable car turnaround, through the craft vendors in Justin Herman Plaza (plus the seasonal zip line/ice rink) and down to the Embarcadero.

Walking to the Ferry Building is a ritual, and I’ve enjoyed many chilly mornings walking to the Blue Bottle cart with members of our storied bullpen, catching up on roommate dramas and hilariously embarrassing work stories. I’ve bonded with clients en route to salon dinners and had heartfelt discussions with my managers about career and life goals. I’ve initiated junior staff into our office Happy Hour tradition by helping them select the finest meats and cheeses from the Ferry Building kiosks (a serious moment for new team members—our office knows cheese and Charcuterie).

The walk to the Ferry Building has also given me many a quick dose of inspiration (San Francisco-style) whenever I’ve needed it, and most importantly, the opportunity make a connection with my colleagues beyond email and client work. At the end of the day, these relationships are the most valuable thing I’ve gained at Finn Partners, and they keep me coming back to work each day.